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Show Notes

How to connect, honor and trust your inner teacher:
  • Through the physicality of the breath and body: Notice the sensations that arise in the body and listen to their guidance
  • Let the breath lead, and the movement to follow in both your yoga and art-making
  • Tune in to the sensations, emotions, images, that arise. Ask them what form they need to take on and then take that to the journal page. In this way, you give witness to the stuff that comes up.
  • Pay attention to what you are enthusiastic about. Enthusiasm is a sign from your inner teacher that you are on the right track.
Resources mentioned in this show:

Wisdom of the Heart by Alan Cohen

Yoga and the Quest for the True Self by Stephen Cope

Want to access your inner teacher now? Here are three ways to do it:

1) Bring your awareness to the physical sensations of the body and notice what signals it's giving you. Then based on that guidance, ask yourself, "what do I need today" and then go do it!

2) Take one small step towards a goal that you enthusiastic about.

3) Do this journal prompt:  With your eyes closed, spend a few minutes engaging with the breath. Then bring to mind a question or challenge you've been dealing with in your life. Again, breathe and sit with the question or challenge. Notice any feelings, sensations, images, colors, etc. that arise. After a few moments, take these inklings to your journal. Ask whatever came up what form it needs to take. Listen to that guidance and allow it to transpire on the page. Give witness to what you are feeling

Music in Podcast:

Intro music: Udu Groove by Neil Middleton

End music: Intuition by LoneLady



How to start a yoga practice:
-go to a class in town, find a beginner's series
-check out some online yoga videos:
Wanna start something?? Here are 3 Ways you Can Take Action Now:
1) Bring the following questions to your art journal. Answer in words, pictures, color or mark-making:
"What is your relationship to beginnings to getting started with things? What has been your past experience with beginnings? DO you like this current relationship? In what ways would you change it?"
2) Repeat the following affirmation whenever you need to get started on something new:
3) Get started on something today! If there's anything you've been meaning to get started, we invite you to jump in and start!!
Music in the podcast: